Grow your garden year round with the Home Oniship Indoor Wall Planter 

Handmade with solid reclaimed wood and galvanized steel. Hangs on the wall just like a picture frame.
3-4.5 inch diameter pots per 24x6 inch panel

Each pot includes a removable liner bag to make the pots water tight and to retain moisture between watering

Priced per panel 

Ready to hang

Rethink the traditional hanging plant and WOW your guests with the ‪artsy rustic chic‬ Home Oniship Indoor Wall Planter. Fill your kitchen with fresh herbs all year round, or fill them with your favorite house plants. 

Wood is stained with a coral tint with silver chevron accents. Use for plants, utensils, or as an entry catch all for keys and mail. The possibilities are endless! 
(Patent Pending)

Indoor Wall Planter- Coral Chevron

  • Grow your garden year round the Home Oniship Indoor Wall Planter.  Handmade with reclaimed wood, finished with a rich coral tint and silver chevron design. Each planter includes 3 attached galvanized steel pots with removable plastic liners. Ready to hang. One planter per order. 24Lx6Wx5D