Wall Mounted Seed Starter  

2.5 inch diamater bronze pots (seed pod size)

Hand made with 2.5Hx18L reclaimed wood

Writeable and erasable chalk labels included

One order includes 2 rows of  wall gardens 

Living Wall Decor for the Chic Indoor Gardener

Rethink the traditional seeding kit, and treat yourself to the Artsy Home Oniship Rustic Chic Indoor Wall Garden. Start your garden seeds all year round with the Indoor Wall Garden. 2.5 inch diameter  bronze pots on solid 2.5Hx18L finished wood. Each pot has a writable and erasable blank chalk label for you to label the pots with what you'd like. 
3 pots per wood plank. 

Seeds and plants not included.

Wall Mounted Seed Starter

  • Start your seeds and save counter space with the Home Oniship Wall Mounted Seed Starter.  Handmade with reclaimed wood, finished with a rich cinnamon maple stain. Write and erase on the labels with chalk.  Each seed starter includes 3 attached galvanized steel pots. 2 seed starters per order. Ready to hang. 18Lx3Wx2.5D